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Sheen Instruments - quality testing instrumentation for paint and industrial coatings

Flow Cups

Flow cupsFlow cups, originally designed to perform quick viscosity and consistency evaluations of Newtonian or near non-Newtonian products, can provide a high degree of accuracy and repeatability depending on the quality of their manufacture.

Our flow cups are manufactured in accordance with International Standards which not only specify the close dimensional tolerances required during the process but also their use and recording of data obtained.

With our long established experience in the manufacture of these types of products, Sheen flow cups offer outstanding testing quality. They are produced from selected high grade materials, with the latest computerised machining technology under stringent quality control conditions. A smooth, bright finish makes them easy to use and clean for a long lasting operating life.

Certificates of Conformity or Calibration can be supplied for any cup. These certificates must be requested at the time of purchase.

To ensure optimal accuracy of your testing results, a periodic calibration check of your cups is strongly recommended, either by our own calibration department, or alternatively by using our range of standardised calibration oils.



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