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Sheen Instruments - quality testing instrumentation for the paint and coatings industry

LICO 150 Colour Measurement

Colour Measurement LICO 150

Measurement of five colour scales on-site

  • Simple: large touchscreen with intuitive user guidance
  • Error-safe: reference beam technology and cuvette identification
  • Reliable: automatic calibration reminder and self-testing
  • Portable: optional battery allows the colorimeter to be used anywhere

Assured colour quality in production environments Reproducible colour values are an important factor in quality assurance, e.g. dye, paint industries and the petrochemical sector. LICO 150 is a portable colorimeter. Its high quality optical system ensures exact and reproducible measured values. Once a value has been measured on site, it can be called up at any time in all five ISO/ASTM colour scales.

Performs well even in difficult conditions The colorimeter is designed to offer maximum handling in production environments. With intuitive input via a touchscreen, calibration memory for every type of cuvette, and data storage capacity for 200 measurements.
LICO 150 can be fitted with a powerful lithium battery for on-site use.


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