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Mikrotest Coatings Thickness Gauge

Mikrotest Coatings Thickness Gauge

Using the magnetic attraction principle, this traditional gauge offers reliable thickness measurement of coatings, electroplating, enamel, rubber, electroplated nickel on steel, or electroplated nickel on non-ferrous substrates.

A spring released mechanism indicates accurately on a dial indicator or digital display the thickness.

Cost effective operation: no calibration required, no power needed (dial models), simple set-up.

Tolerance: ± 5% (dial), ± 3 - 4% (digital) of the reading.

Mikrotest Coatings Thickness Gauge


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MIKROTEST-F6 Mikrotest F6 Coatings Thickness Gauge (0-1000µm, automatic version)
MIKROTEST-F7 Mikrotest F Coatings Thickness Gauge (0-1500µm, digital)
MIKROTEST-G6 Mikrotest G6 Coatings Thickness Gauge (0-100µm, automatic version)
MIKROTEST-G7 Mikrotest G Coatings Thickness Gauge (0-300µm, digital)
MIKROTEST-NiFe Mikrotest NiFe Coatings Thickness Gauge (Niclke on Ferrous 0-50µm, automatic version)
MIKROTEST-S106 Mikrotest S106 Coatings Thickness Gauge (2.5-10mm, automatic version)
MIKROTEST-S157 Mikrotest S157 Coatings Thickness Gauge (3-15mm, digital)
MIKROTEST-S36 Mikrotest S36 Coatings Thickness Gauge (0.2-3mm, automatic version)
MIKROTEST-S56 Mikrotest S56 Coatings Thickness Gauge (0.5-5mm, automatic version)
MIKROTEST-S57 Mikrotest S57 Coatings Thickness Gauge (0.5-5mm, digital)


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