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Coating Thickness

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Mikrotest Coatings Thickness Gauge from ElektroPhysik

Mikrotest Coatings Thickness Gauge

MikroTest is an extremely robust coating thickness gauge, which measures the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on steel substrates on the magnetic attraction principle.

MiniTest  7200/7400 FH portable wall thickness measuring device

MiniTest 7200/7400 FH

A new non-distructive thickness gauge, based on magnetostatic principle, to measure wall thickness of bottles, containers etc

MiniTest 650 - Coating thickness measurement gauge

MiniTest 650 - Coating Thickness Gauge

Designed for durability and high- precision, MiniTest 650 is the ideal Coating Thickness Gauge for any measuring task in the metal finishing industry.

MiniTest 700 Series - Coating thickness gauge

MiniTest 700 Series - Coating Thickness Gauges

The MiniTest 7x5 series rank among the most accurate and versatile coating thickness measuring devices.

Minitest 7400

Minitest 7400

Minitest 7400 is high-precision coating thickness gauge for non-destructive measurements on all metal substrates.
Minitest – Stats

Minitest – Stats

A range of instruments for more advanced statistical information which take a wide range of probes for coating thickness readings up to 100MM.
Paint Inspection Coating Thickness Gauge

Paint Inspection Gauge

A handy instrument, using destructive method to measure coatings thickness up to 1250μm, applied on a large variety of substrates, e.g. concrete, wood, plastic, aluminium etc.

Pentest / Minipen Coating Thickness Gauge

Pentest / Minipen Coating Thickness Gauge

A simple but efficient instrument, for instant indication of coatings thickness on steel. The magnetic attraction method consists of lifting a spring tensioned magnet away from the surface. The differential release is related to coating thickness.

QuintSonic 7 - Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

Precision coating thickness gauge based on the ultrasonic pulse run-time method. Ideal for paint coating thickness measurement on Wood, plastics, glass metal etc.

SmarTest: Intelligent Bluetooth sensor for coating thickness measurement

SmarTest - Intelligent Bluetooth Sensor

SmarTest: Intelligent Bluetooth sensor for coating thickness measurement

Wet Film Calling Card Gauge

Wet Film Calling Card Gauge

Calling card gauges check wet film thickness and are also useful as a promotional item for larger manufacturers.

Wet Film Comb Gauges

Wet Film Thickness Comb Gauge

Stainless steel precision gauge to check wet film applied on smooth flat surfaces.

Wet Film Thickness Gauge - to measure coating thickness

Wet Film Thickness Gauge (SH1155)

Large capacity stainless steel gauge to check wet film applied on smooth flat surfaces, from 50 to 5000μm.

Wet Film Wheel Thickness Gauge

Wet Film Wheel Thickness Gauge

An accurate gauge to check the wet film thickness of a paint film on application.

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