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Cross Hatch Cutter

Cross Hatch Cutter (SH750)

The Cross Hatch Cutter is for assessing the resistance of paint coatings to separation from substrates when a right angled lattice pattern is cut into the coating, penetrating through to the substrate, it can also be viewed for adhesion between coating layers.

760N Cupping Tester - elasticity and cupping resistance

Cupping Tester (SH760N)

A world reference instrument to efficiently assess the elasticity and cupping resistance of various coatings.

Hydraulic Adhesion Tester

Hydraulic Adhesion Tester (SH755/X1003)

This hydraulic pull-off type tester is fitted with a flexible hose, so that test can be performed on difficult to reach area, e.g. internal or external pipe surfaces.


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