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Sheen Instruments - quality testing instrumentation for paint and industrial coatings


A range of instruments used to test the resistance of many coatings materials to scrub, abrasion and wear.

Taber Abrasers - abrasion resistance

Taber Abrasers

This typical machine is useful to evaluate the wear resistance of numerous materials: coatings, textile, leather, rubber, plastic, wood, glass, paper etc. The sample is fastened onto a turntable rotating at constant speed whilst driving 2 abrasive wheels. The results vary according to the load applied and the wheels used. They range from mild to coarse abrasion, and are made of felt, rubber, sand paper, vitrified clay, or tungsten carbide.

Linear Abraser - evaluate abrasion resistance

Taber Linear Abraser (SH5750)

A special machine to evaluate abrasion resistance and related properties of numerous finished products of any shape or size: flat, concave or convex.

Wet Abrasion Scrub Testers

This machine is widely used to test the resistance of many materials to scrub, abrasion and washing. Paints, varnishes, other coatings and finishing can be applied on various supporting media e.g. plastic, glass, wood, paper, leather and submitted to the accelerated test, by reciprocating brushes, sponges or abrasives on the samples with (or without) reagent depending on methods.

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