Sheen Instruments - manufacturer and supplier of quality testing instruments for the paint and coatings industry

Sheen Instruments - quality testing instrumentation for paint and industrial coatings

About us

TQCSHEEN is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality inspection and testing instruments used in industries including - paint, coatings, automotive, decorative and many others.

Formed in 1947, 2017 sees us celebrate our 70th anniversary. We are an internationally recognised brand in the industry with a worldwide customer base. Having started as a UK-based manufacturing company, the business has expanded hugely into international markets working closely with our distributors in over 40 countries.

We offer a comprehensive product range in the field of appearance inspection, physical testing and viscosity measurement.

TQCSHEEN products perform vital tasks for our customers, our service and support network ensures they are operational at all times. Regardless of where you are in the world.

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As a part of Industrial Physics, UK, Sheen continues to provide high-quality products with excellent reliability; ensuring our customers can meet today’s challenging demands.